Brick Restoration Services in Melbourne

Brick Restoration Services in Melbourne

Brick is a strong, durable building material that gives a structure the archetypal brick-red finish. Bricks are made from clay and are one of the oldest construction materials evidenced by the high number of brick made edifices going back a couple of centuries. Buildings made from brick outlast those made from any other materials, and therefore, these structures are bound to sustain some level of wear and tear giving them a dirty or dull finish. However, services like brick restoration Melbourne can restore brick natural beauty and give it a whole new look.

Brick restoration Melbourne experts can clean dirty brick surface, repair damaged areas, and fix crumbling mortars to revert these beautiful erections back to their original conditions. There are a few important things you need to understand if you have a brick structure that you need to be restored to its new like condition. Everyone has seen shadily restored brickwork detracting from the integrity of the house. To help you avoid this, our brick restoration Melbourne experts have some tips to share and make your house properly restored and maintain the new tip-top look for many years to come.

Use of Incompatible Replacement Mortar

You have got to be careful with the replacement mortar used in the restoration of your brick house. It’s very common for amateur restoration companies to use mortar color that does not match the original one. When this happens, the repointed part of the wall ends up looking entirely different from the rest of the wall. Our brick restoration Melbourne specialists will ensure that the repointed bricks match the character, color and the consistency of the rest of the house. The use of the appropriate mortars will prevent interior mortar rot, cracking, self-deterioration of the bricks, and other forms of irreversible damage to the house.

Use of the Wrong Paint Types

If you are planning to repaint your brick house, pay extra attention to the type of paint being applied to your structure. The application of modern paint coating or latex, for instance, promote moisture retention within the bricks which freezes during cold weather causing irreparable damage to the building.

Mortar Joints

Mortar joint repair is another major indicator of poorly done masonry job. The haphazard use of grinders in the removal of historical mortar just makes the situation worse. In most cases, it’s the cement from later repairs that needs to be removed. Our brick restoration Melbourne masonry experts have been in the industry for long and will use the correct techniques and materials to ensure that the integrity of your historical brickwork is not compromised.

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